Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Introduction to Selenium,Selenium IDE, Selenium Remote Control Server

This article gives the introduction to Selenium, Selenium IDE and Selenium Remote Control Server.

  • Selenium is a popular open-source automation suite for Web Applications.
  • Web Applications can be tested across different browsers as well as platforms.
  • Selenium is similar to QTP but it mainly focuses on the Web based applications.
  • Selenium is not a single tool. It’s a suite of softwares, each catering different needs of an organization.

Selenium has the following four components.
  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment(S-IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control(RC)
  • Web Driver
  • Selenium Grid

Selenium Integrated Development Environment(S-IDE):

S-IDE is the simplest Selenium Framework as well as easy to learn. It’s just a Firefox plugin which can be installed like other Firefox plugins. This plugin can be used as a prototyping protocol due to its simplicity. We need to use either Web Driver or Selenium Remote Control if need to create more advanced Test cases.

S-IDE has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Easy to install.
  • No programming experience is required.
  • Can export the tests to formats usable in Web Driver or Selenium Remote Control.
  • Have support to extensions.
  • Available only in Firefox.
  • Designed to create only prototype of Tests.
  • Test execution is very slow when comparing with Selenium Web Driver / Remote Control.
  • No support for iterations.

 Introduction to Selenium Remote Control (RC):

This is first Web Automation tool which allowed the users to use the programming language they prefer. As of now, RC supports the following programming languages.

  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • PHP

Advantages of RC:
  • Faster execution of Test cases than IDE.
  • Can support multiple browsers and platforms. 
  • Can perform conditional and looping operations.
  • Supports Data Driven Testing. 
  • Has the complete API.

Disadvantages of RC:

  • Installation is complicated than S-IDE. 
  •  Programming knowledge is required. 
  • Needs selenium RC Server running all the time to execute the tests. 
  • Browser interaction is less realistic. 
  • Inconsistent result & User JavaScript. 
  •  API consist redundant and confusing commands.

The details about Web Driver and Selenium Grid are explained in a separate article.


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