Tuesday, 6 March 2012

QTP Features

We have the following advantages when using QTP.

  • We can execute the test cases in faster manner. 
  • The tests executed by the automation tool is reliable. For example, we can execute the same test cases for n-number of times without any errors. So, we can avoid the human errors.
  • The test cases be executed for n-no of times. So, we can test the AUT behavior when the same scenario is executed for n-number of times.
  • We can re use the same test script across different versions of the AUT irrespective of the User Interface change.
  • We can build a suit of test cases to cover each functionality of the AUT.
  • We can program the test cases to bring out the hidden information from the application.
We have the following drawbacks when using QTP.
  • Expensive
  • We can't automate all areas
  • Has some limitations
  • Lack of automation professionals
The following factors to be consider during Automation Tool Selection.
  • Nature of the application under test
  • Tool features
  • Availability of the automation professionals
  • Tech support from the client
  • Organizations experience in automation
  • Client's interest
  • Budget
We can automate the following test cases using QTP.
  • Regression test cases that we want to execute across different versions of the application under test.
  • Data driven test cases in which different set of data used for execution
  • Test cases having complex functionality
We can't automate the following test cases using QTP.
  • Command User Interface test cases 
  • Test cases which requires more user interaction
  • Functionality which changes dynamically
We have the following type of licenses.
  • Seat License: This type of license can be used only from the system in which the tool is installed. It means we can use the license from only one machine.
  • Concurrent License: This type of License can be used from any system. But one at a time.
Scripting Part:
  • QTP uses Visual Basic Script(VBScript) for scripting.
We can integrate QTP with the following tools.
  • Winrunner
  • Mercury Quality Center
  • We can use QTP separately to run and send the results
Visit here to know about the different types of Environments supported by QTP.


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