Tuesday, 9 September 2014

QTP: Working with Local, Shared Object Repositories

As we know the object repositories can be associated with any Action in anyone of the following combination(s).

  •          Local Object Repository
  •          Shared Object Repository
  •          Local + one or more Shared Object Repositories
  •          Two or more shared object Repositories.

So, there are possibilities of conflict situation when the object with the same name is present in two or more repositories. To avoid the confusion, the following points to be remembered to avoid the confusion.

·      Scenario#01: Action is associated with Local + Shared Object Repositories, Object is not present in both the repositories.

Result: QTP will add objects to the Local object repository ONLY.
     Scenario#02: Action is associated with Local + Shared Object Repositories, Object is present in either of 2 repositories.

Result: QTP will not add any object. Instead of this, QTP will use the existing information.
       Scenario#03: Action is associated with Local + Shared Object Repositories, Newly added Object’s Parent in Shared Object Repository.

Result: QTP will move the parent to the Local object repository when the child is added to the Local repository.
Source: QTP Documentation.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Introduction to Cucumber

Cucumber is a framework for writing and executing the software specifications.

Specifications are written in a business readable language that is close to the natural language.

Extremely popular tool for test and specs of the applications.

For more details click here.

Introduction to Calabash - Android

Calabash is a functional Automation Testing tool for Android and iOS applications based on Cucumber Framework.

Calabash consists of the following 2 libraries.

  • calabash-android : Automation and Testing library for Android.
  • calabash-ios : Automation and Testing library for iOS.

calabash-android and calabash-ios are underlying low level libraries that empower the Cucumber tool to run the Tests and Android Mobiles, Tablets and Simulators.

These low level libraries enables the Automation QA to work at the high level by writing the Tests in natural language based on the requirement/terms and concepts of their business domain.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

VBScript to reverse a String without using strreverse

Dim myStr, sLen

myStr=InputBox("Enter your string")
sLen = Len(myStr)

for i=1 to sLen
strRev = mid(myStr,i,1)& strRev
MsgBox strRev

How to Create a Word Document in QTP?

Dim oWord

'Initiate the word document object

Set oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

'Create new word document

'Type some characters in the newly created document
oWord.Selection.TypeText "Dhana Test Text"

'Save the document
oWord.ActiveDocument.SaveAs "c:\Dhana\Test.Doc

'Close word

'Release the object
Set oWord = Nothing

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