Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Batch Testing In QTP

Batch Testing or Batch execution represents the execution of series or group of automated tests at a time.QTP provides a tool called "Test Batch Runner" to execute the group of Tests.

We can form a Test Batch by following the below mentioned steps.

01. Navigate to Start > All Programs > Quick Test Professional > Tools > Test Batch Runner
02. Observe that the Bach tool is launched
03. Then click on Batch> Add and Browse the Tests to be added
04. Select the Test and observe that the Test is added to Batch Tool
05. Repeat the above steps to add n-Number of Tests
06. Then the MTB(Module Test Batch with ".mtb" extension
07. Close the Test Batch Runner tool

We can execute the Test Batch by following the below mentioned Tests.

01. Launch the Test Batch Runner tool by navigating to "All Programs > Quick Test Professional > Tools > Test Batch Runner" path
02. Navigate to File> Open > Select the batch to be executed
03. Click on Run icon and observe that QTP is launched
04. QTP will run the Tests one by one

Note: We can execute the tests by using other Mercury tools. To do this we should configure Tools> Options> Run >Select "Allow Other Mercury Products" check box > Apply & OK.

We can also execute only Partial Test Batches by navigating to Test Batch Runner> Open Test Batch> Select or Deselect Tests and Run test.

We need to follow the below mentioned steps when doing Batch Testing.

01. Create individual Tests and execute once
02. Open "Test Batch Runner" Tool and Form Batches
03. Provide Permission to "Test Batch Runner" tool to run tests
04. Run the Tests from Test Batch Runner tool
05. View the Test wise results in Test Result viewer

QTP doesn't provide an option to view the result in Batch wise.


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