Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tips To Write Quality Test Cases

This article gives some basic ideas to write the complete test cases.
Before writing the test cases the tester should know the complete functionality of the module. Then only we can develop both positive and negative test cases.We can divide the test case relation as Test Scenario > Test Case > Test Steps.
Test Scenario: It comes directly from the requirements or userstory. It represents the list of test cases and often their sequences.
Test Case: It consists of the list of test steps need to be performed. And may linked to environmental situations, link to bugs etc.
Test Step: It represents the action to be performed and the expected result from the application.
So, as a tester, we need to make sure that the quality test cases are in place to test against the application and deliver it with high quality.
I am trying to give some of the tips to write quality test cases here. 

01. We need have one complete template to create the test cases. We can have template in the form of excel spread sheet or some customized tool.

02. Test cases should be descriptive and specific. The title of the test case should be short , concise and   descriptive. Test case should clearly define the purpose and scope of the operations.
03.Test cases should be reusable in many scenarios.

04.We should create both positive and negative test cases. So, it’s important to remember the order of test  cases. Positive test cases should cover the expected behavior of the application. In turn negative test cases should cover the un expected behavior of the application. So,it is always better to keep the relationship between the positive and negative test cases.

05.Test cases should be atomic in nature. Assume that the test case is too long and doing too much of dependency checks. It’ll be a nightmare for a tester to all dependency check each and every time and also reducing the tester’s motivation and vigilance.

06.We need to refactor the test cases. It means that we need to re write or update the test cases whenever there is a change in functionality. It should be strictly followed by all testers to make sure that the test cases are always matching or covering all functionalities in the project.

07.As a tester, we should always have the test data for the complex as well as easy test cases. The test data should be attached in the form of binary data along with the test cases.

08. We need to make sure that all required configurations are in place before executing the test cases. We can have a list of checklist to make sure that the required configurations are in place.

09.It’s always better to have the review with the peers as well as product analyst. It’ll help in big time to make sure that we are not missing anything.


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