Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tips to become a good software tester

In this article am trying to give some tips for the software test engineers to be at their best.

01. Test engineers should be involved from the requirement phase of the project. They should understand the requirement of all modules in the project.
02. Based on the understanding of the module, the Test Engineer should implement some process.The same process should be followed by all the resources in the ream. If we do so, we can filter most of the issues at initial phase itself.
03. The test engineers can create some template to follow.They should force all resources in the team to follow the same template.
04. If there are any changes in the requirement the same should be updated in the testing document. It's always better to keep the back up of the document based on the old requirement. It'll not be useful if the requirement is changed. Still we can keep it.
05.Once the requirement is finalized divide the project into chunks. It'll be helpful to know which module have more priority than other module.
06. Once the project is divided into chunks, identify the impacted areas. It means that the issue in one module may impact the behavior of other module.So, those type of modules should be given high priority.
07. Then prepare test scenarios for each module first.Then we can write the test scenarios for the impacted areas.
08. Do the peer review as soon as the test scenarios are ready.It'll be helpful to clarify if there is any doubt. Then we can use the standard template to write the test cases.
09. Test cases should clearly describe the action to be done. Number of steps should be less as well as descriptive.Based on the functionality we can give the priority of the test cases as High,Medium, Low.
10.Once the test cases are ready we can match the cases with requirement to make sure that all modules has been covered.

11. The most important thing is identify the module which has the complex code with the help of developer.We have to give more attention to the specific modules.


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