Sunday, 28 August 2011

Object Repository modes in QTP

This article explains the different types of object repositories in QTP. There are two types of objects repositories in QTP.
Local/Per Action Object Repository: These type of repositories are local to the action in which in resides means other actions can't be access these repositories.We need to remember the following points when using Local object repositories.
01. Objects will be added to the Local object repository if the selected object doesn't already exist in object repository.
02. Renaming an object in object repository doesn't affect other scripts. The current script is automatically updated with the renamed object.
03. Script changes to be done if the object identification properties changes.
04. These type repositories can be used when not many test cases are working on the same screens of the applications.
Shared object repositories: These type of repositories can be shared across the actions means the objects can be accessed from any action. We need to remember the following points when using the shared object repositories.
01. Renaming the test object will have the serious impact in script means the script will not be updated automatically.
02.Manual script update is not required when the object identification property changed. 
03.Should be used when different test cases access the same type of object in the application.
04. Shared object repositories needs to backed up frequently. Because these type of repositories can grow huge.


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