Friday, 1 January 2016

AutoIt in Selenium Part 1!

In this article we are going to see the usage of AutoIt in Selenium. At the end of the article we'll be familiar in creating our own scripts for any windows application.

What is AutoIt?

AutoIt is a freeware automation language for Microsoft Windows, specifically designed for automating the Windows Graphical User Interface(GUI) and general scripting.

     It uses the combination of stimulated mouse movements, Key strokes and windows manipulation in order to automate tasks in a way not possible or reliable with programming languages like VBScripting,SendKeys.AutoIt will run on any Windows version and no specific runtime environment is required.

    It's an another automation tool which helps to automate Windows based application including Keyboard and mouse movements.Just like Selenium IDE, it's also gives us the recording capability which generates the scripts that can be used in our Test.


  • Mouse Movements: We may come across the situation which requires the exact mouse movements. AutoIt help us to stimulate the exact mouse movements.
  • KeyStrokes: We can't stimulate exact KeyStrokes using Selenium. But, AutoIt provides an option to stimulate the KeyStrokes like pressing enter key on any pop up/ entering username, password.
  • Easy To Learn: AutoIt is just like another scripting language and easy to use. AutoIt lists out all functions under menu with examples which can be referenced and used easily.
  • Non-Environment Based: AutoIt scripts can be compiled and executed on any version of Windows.We can easily convert autoIt script in .exe format which can be run on their own.
  • Windows Controls: Directly get information on and interact with check boxes, list boxes, status bars, edit boxes, buttons, combos without the risk of losing KeyStrokes. AutoIt also gives us an option to control the Windows which are not active.
  • Help Menu: Almost all menu options/functions are explained with detailed explanation and example which is very easy to use.Moreover lot of users are there to help us.
  • Windows Management: All actions like resize, move, hide, show, close and pretty much do what you want with Windows elements can be done with the help of AutoIt.
Download AutoIt:
  • Latest AutoIt version can be downloaded from here.


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