Thursday, 15 March 2012

QTP Action Template

Most of might have seen that some of the information are displayed by default when creating new action. Basically this is called "Action Template". Action Template is a mechanism which used to add some text by default whenever a new action is created.  Suppose we want to add some of the text for a test suite whenever a action is created. Instead of manually adding the same information again and again we can have the template to add the text by default. 

Assume that we need to have the following information whenever the Action is created.

'Action Name:
'Purpose :
'Created By:
'Created Date
'Modified By:
'Modified Date:

Steps to create Action Template:
Step#01:Open a Notepad and paste the above mentioned information.
Step#02:Save it as "ActionTemplate.mst".
Step#03"Navigate to QTP's dat folder which resides under "C:\ProgramFiles\HP\QuickTest Professional\." directort\y.
Note: This path may change based on the installation, QTP version or OS
Step#04:Copy and place the template created in Step#02.
Step#05:Then create a new action and observe that the above mentioned information is added to the action by default at the top.

Sometimes we may not see the action template items when creating new action. The main problem may be the extension of ActionTemplate file. It should be ".mst". The common mistake is the file name be saved as "ActionTemplate.mst.txt". So, we can eliminate this problem by deselecting the option "Hide extensions for known file types" option under "Any Folder >Tools> Folder Options > View tab".


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